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Hello, I'm Dr. Tina D. Pierce and I am running for the Columbus City School Board. As a lifelong resident of Columbus, a Beechcroft High School graduate, and the mother of CCS students, I am both a product of and a strong supporter of our Columbus City Schools.

I’m running for a position on the school board because I believe every child in the Columbus City School District deserves a high-quality education that builds 21st century skills and sets our children up for success as they graduate into a global economy. I have spent 19 years helping students achieve success at the university and high school levels, and I know I can do more to help all our students get the quality education they deserve no matter what zip code they live in.

It’s time for some new faces and perspectives to help guide our schools. It’s time to help all Columbus schools get on the fast track to success. It’s time to do better, because our children deserve better. I look forward to meeting you, listening to you, and learning from you over the next several months as we work together to be and do more. Thank you for your support!

Parent | Leader | Educator | Democrat