On the Issues

Flourishing students, engaged parents and community members, innovative educators, rigorous standards, safe state of the art facilities, technology enhanced learning tools and inspiring student-focused programs are words that describe the future of Columbus City Schools. As a representative of our students, parents, and educators I will dedicate myself to the success of our children and schools.

College & Career Readiness

College and career readiness is a key priority for our nation given that by 2018 two out of three jobs will require some higher education. It is imperative that we develop 21st century learning models for PK-20 that advance students’ grade level mastery of content and teach 21st century skills.

Neighborhood Schools

Great schools are the foundation of thriving neighborhoods while thriving neighborhoods are the anchors of growing cities. As a life-long resident of Columbus I will advocate for excellent schools throughout Columbus. A zip code should not determine the academic opportunities of a child. I support students attending great schools that match their interests. I will protect student-focused choice options.


Wrap-around Services

Urban school districts require a variety of services and initiatives to meet the needs of our diverse student population. I will advocate for the creation of a coalition that utilizes educators within our schools and advocates within our community to identify and meet the needs of our students

Role of Board Members

I believe the Board of Education must be accountable and responsible at every level of governance. As a representative of our students and parents I will advocate for student-focused education. As the voice of our educators I will champion the creation of local and state policies that are in the best interest of our educators, students, schools, and communities. The words of Barbara Jordan, “Education remains the key to both economic and political empowerment” will reverberate as I call for the dismantling of policies that limit student-focused classroom instruction. I will commit to governing the district by finding effective and efficient ways to provide an equitable high quality education that prepares our students for success while contributing to the rich history of the Columbus City School District.