On the Issues

Academic Assessments/ Standardized Tests

I support high quality and efficient assessments that help parents and educators understand how children are doing in school. I will advocate for a diversity of formative assessments, projects, and assignments that not only measure student academic progress, but also inform instruction.

Accountability & Transparency

I will continue to ensure that policies enacted in the past years regarding data collection and reporting remain in place and voter confidence can be maintained.

Advocacy & Legislation

The stakes are simply too high for school board members not to engage in advocacy and legislation efforts on local, state, and national levels. I will advocate for legislation requiring our school board be involved in all discussions and decisions regarding tax abatements. I will support state legislation for a state report card rating system that is a meaningful indicator of the quality of a school district. I will support federal legislation providing public schools with resources and supports for all children to have equal access to a high-quality education that prepares them for college and career success.

Building Conditions

We have an opportunity to improve our buildings. According to our Columbus City Schools website, forty-six schools serving more than 22,000 students have been renovated or reconstructed since 2002. However, we operate 109 schools serving an estimated 49,155 students. It is important to ensure that all our students and staff have modern, well-maintained, and safe buildings. Research demonstrates that improved building conditions can foster increased student achievement and teacher morale by providing appropriate accommodations for students, teachers, and academic programs. There is no quick or easy fix to improving our buildings. As a Board member, I will support long-term strategic planning to identify and prioritize our building infrastructure needs. I will support the leveraging of state aid, such as grants through the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission, to fund capital improvement projects. I will work with my colleagues, district staff, and community members to update our Facilities Master Plan with emphasis on replacing or renovating our most aging buildings. In many instances, school buildings serve as community hubs, providing spaces for meetings, local events, polling locations, and adult education classes. As a Board member, I recognize the integral dual role school buildings serve in communities – as both educational and civic spaces.

College & Career Readiness

College and career readiness are key priorities for our nation given that two out of three jobs require at least some higher education. It is imperative that we develop 21st century learning models for Pre-K through 12th grade that advance students’ grade level mastery of content and teach 21st century skills to help them best prepare for life and education after high school.

Community Engagement


I live by the African proverb, “It takes a whole village to raise a child.” I believe there is a communal responsibility in educating our children. Parents, extended family, educators, and community members have an obligation to come together to provide our children with a high quality education and the equivalent resources to excel in school and beyond.

Excellent Administrators, Staff & Teachers

The Columbus City School District has a number of caring, dedicated, innovative, and knowledgeable educators. Many teachers buy supplies with their own money to ensure students have the tools to succeed. Countless bus drivers, lunchroom staff, and custodians go beyond their daily duties to encourage students to excel both in and outside the classroom. Many principals mentor and guide students along their pathways to success. I applaud our great educators and staff. I will champion the needs of our educators to ensure they receive the support and tools they need to educate our students and excel in their careers.

Exceptional Student Education (English Language Learners, Gifted and Talented, and Special Education)

I believe all children can succeed! I will advocate for high-quality exceptional student programs and teaching approaches in all schools and grades to identify, diagnose, and appropriately serve students with unique needs and/or giftedness.

Financing Public Education


Stable and adequate funding is essential to a high-quality educational system. In practice, the funding of public education is a shared responsibility of the state of Ohio and the local community. However, the capacity of local communities to generate revenue varies across the state. I will advocate for the state providing sufficient funds for all children to receive a high-quality education while ensuring students special educational needs are served appropriately.

Future of CCS

Flourishing students, engaged parents and community members, innovative educators, rigorous standards, safe state-of-the-art facilities, technology enhanced learning tools and inspiring student-focused programs are words that describe the future of Columbus City Schools. As a representative of our students, parents, and educators I will dedicate myself to the success of our children and schools!

Graduation Rates & Success Coaching

This past academic year, Columbus City Schools worked on increasing and sustaining high graduation rates. I will support and call for the expansion of innovative initiatives such as the district’s Individual Success Plans that equip students with specific, long range, and accurate plans for their academic goals.

Holistic Wrap-Around Services

Urban school districts require a variety of services and initiatives to meet the needs of our diverse student population. I will advocate for the creation of a coalition that utilizes educators within our schools, social workers, therapists, and advocates in our community to identify and help meet the needs of all our students.

Level Up: Improving Future Local Report Cards

Our 2018 State Report Card indicates that we have an F in four areas: Achievement, Gap Closing, Progress, and 4-year Graduation Rate. I believe we can improve these results by continuing to focus on English language arts and mathematics with differentiated instruction across student groups. English language arts and mathematics provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to understand information, think critically, solve problems, and express ideas. Why differentiated instruction? We have a diverse student population with varied learning needs and life experiences that require unique approaches to teaching.

Neighborhood Schools

Great schools are the foundation of thriving neighborhoods while thriving neighborhoods are the anchors of growing cities. As a life-long resident of Columbus, I will advocate for excellent schools throughout Columbus. A zip code should not determine the academic opportunities of a child. I support students attending great schools that match their unique learning needs and aptitudes.

Role of a CCS Board of Education Member

I believe the Board of Education must be accountable and responsible at every level of governance. As a representative of our students and parents, I will advocate for student-focused education. As the voice of our educators, I will champion the creation of local and state policies that are in the best interest of our educators, students, schools, and communities. The words of Barbara Jordan, “Education remains the key to both economic and political empowerment” will reverberate as I call for the dismantling of policies that limit student-focused classroom instruction. I will commit to governing the district by finding effective and efficient ways to ensure each students is highly-educated, prepared for leadership and service, and empowered for success as a citizen in a global community.

School Choice

All children deserve opportunities to achieve their dreams and succeed in life. This begins with an excellent education. However, I understand that not every student learns best in the same way. Because of this, I support schools that empower our students to flourish as life-long learners, in the best way they are able.

Ways the CCS School Board Promotes Success

As a Board member, I will work collaboratively with district leaders, administrators, community partners, and state legislators to establish, monitor, and evaluate state mandated standards in student achievement, instruction, principal leadership, and professional development. This will assist our Board in identifying poor performance areas (student, teacher, principal, school) and other obstacles to student achievement. I will bring analytical expertise to the Board and critically examine instructional tools, resources, and data collection methods that work best for our district.

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